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Teen, 14 years old Written byIronRunningAnvil May 1, 2013
age 13+

Pretty good game with some violence and mild language

Ok, to start this game is partly a third-person shooter. It is not entirely as there is some other elements to it but mainly it is. That said though it is not overly violent. You mainly fire at aliens and when tasked with humans you are rewarded for stunning them instead of using lethal means. The language is average as an occasional use of mild language can pop-up, but it is not often heard. Although this game has had bad reviews I have quite enjoyed it. It is no like your everyday shooter as it has a storyline and morals. It is a little short, but you still get at least 6 hours of gameplay and it is mainly enjoyable. It could be to violent for anybody under the age of 10-11 and it may be too scary for them. Just make sure they will be ok with it really. Overall the game does contain some violence, but not too much and there is a small amount of language, but it is an alright game. Hope this helped.
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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Teen, 13 years old Written byTeamPlayer101 August 15, 2013
age 7+

It all comes down to this!!!

The positive message is that once you buy it you will know never to buy another T-Rated shooter besides Goldeneye Reloaded EVER again! I WASTED $20 ON THIS PIECE OF CR@P!!!!!!!!!
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Teen, 14 years old Written byCropperT July 7, 2015
age 14+

Star Trek

The game doesn't have that much violence, the blood is VERY rare, and it is green, and the language is about the same as the films.
Kid, 8 years old May 21, 2015
age 17+

Great game, but extremely violent with oozing and splattering blood.

My rating M for: strong gory violence, and language.