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Epic sci-fi shooter returns to a galaxy far, far away.
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Teen, 13 years old Written by3lliot November 11, 2018

Way better than the first one, but with more violence

First off, EA did a WAY better job on making this battlefront. The graphics are even more graphic so I moved the age rating up a bit. They added a campaign to this Battlefront, so if you were really bored of the last Battlefront, this one will be more exciting. The mulitplayer mildly decreased and they took out a lot of fun modes, but I think EA made it up by upgrading the remaining modes and put them above my expectations. The main storyline is told at a bad guy's view and you sometimes switch avatars and become some other character. (Spoiler: you might turn into Luke Skywalker). A new fun addition was you can customize your battles and choose the number of your troops and where your fighting and blah blah blah. There still isn't any "blood" as you call it but you might see an occasional fleck of something red on someones face. The main character of the game is a bad guy but the character shows some good traits. The campaign takes a long time and there is also an additional mini campaign if you finish the first one. Also, if you want to check out battlefront 1 you can, I wrote a review on that. If you want to see more of my reviews you can tap the link '3lliot' on the left column. Thank you for reading and I hope you decide well

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Kid, 9 years old March 21, 2018

Epic Star Wars videogame will make you never put the controller down.

This is my favorite videogame and I really don’t like videogames. I would recommend playing this game to anyone and you really don’t need to be that old to play it. Parents, think of it as Call of Duty sci-fi and more kid friendly.
Teen, 13 years old Written byAlexHeiken November 24, 2017

Honest Review

If you know anything or have seen any of the many star wars movies you'll know they are more kid friendly and less violent; this game is exactly the same. Its a fun "arcady" star wars experience that will immerse your child in the stars wars universe. I wouldn't worry about this game for your kids its pretty friendly, just watch your kid and make sure they are taking it appropriately.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byTrebek4ssbu March 21, 2020

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Teen, 13 years old Written byStarGamer January 13, 2020

Great shooter game, but no blood or over-the-top violence!

STAR WARS Battlefront II is the best game I've ever played and I highly recommend it.
Okay for ages 11 and up, no over-the-top violence or blood.
Plenty of offline content for those players without internet.
Great graphics and audio, it makes it feel as if you are watching a Star Wars movie. Great game-play and easy to pick up for players new to shooter games.
If you're thinking 'this is a shooter game, it won't be appropriate', then maybe you should think again because depending on your child's age, it may be okay as there is no blood and no over-the-top violence. (There is also no swearing, drinking, smoking etc.)
When Battlefront II was first released, a large part of the game revolved around spending real money to purchase heroes, star cards etc. but since it's launch, EA has removed almost all of the 'pay-to-win' aspects of the game. The only things now that can be purchased using money are skins, although most people will not care about these, and, if these are really important a special edition of Battlefront II (called Celebration Edition) can be purchased for around $20AU and unlock ALL appearances, poses and emotes.
Most people that have already been exposed to shooter games will be able to pick up Battlefront II immediately, and if this is their first time, they will probably pick it up in no time, with relatively simple controls.
The graphics are also ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and a lot of the time it actually looks and feels like you're watching a Star Wars movie. The audio is also perfect and plays a big part in creating a realistic Star Wars environment, so I recommend using headphones (or else just turning up the volume on your TV).
There is also PLENTY of offline content if you usually don't have internet (like me) including Campaign mode (a game following the story of Iden Versio, the commander of an elite special forces team called Inferno squad. Campaign mode has about 20-30 hours of gameplay depending on how many times you have to replay levels). Also for offline players is Aracde mode, which has an endless number of battle scenarios (or you can create custom battles) against AIs. These battles are also fully customisable so you can change the location, planet, no. of AI team members, difficulty etc. Finally for offline, there is Spilt-screen co-op mode which enables two players to play on one TV screen. This is great for when friends come over as it allows the two players to either co-operate and talk to each other while trying to find an enemy base, eliminate enemies or go head to head in a duel. (If you are playing split-screen, you will need two controllers).
I hope this review helped you make a decision about whether or not this game is suitable for you or your child.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byCoolpool785 November 18, 2017

Pretty much the same as the first one, but a lot cooler!

You know the drill with star wars, so there's not much to go over with it, but is just a beautifully made game.

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Kid, 8 years old January 2, 2018


I actually DO NOT have this game... my brother has it. The game has better Lightsaber battles and Boba Fett's jet pack looks better but Battlefront 1 is good too. I really like how there can be Yoda VS Kylo Ren and Darth Vader VS Rey so there can be any Sith, storm trooper or droid (I think) VS any Jedi, clone or Rebel (I think) it is really cool that way. May the Force be with you.
Kid, 11 years old December 4, 2017


you know what? I am sick of you peoples treatment of this game. its fun, and the "pay to win" stuff is nonsense. WITHOUT paying I got darth vader after 2 hours of gameplay, and not 40 hours like YOU people are saying. GET IT, its amazing! oh, and by the way, you think we are idiot enough to spend $200 on microtransactions?
and there, in reality is much more to it. I NEED PROGRESSION TOO BE EASY THOUGH! is the gameplay good? THERES GAMBLING ITS SINFU- please shut up and treat it fairly.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byProFlipStar91 June 22, 2020

Very fun

Has a bad rep from when it released with a rubbish progression system EA and dice have really turned this game around and made it the triple A game it really is. If you bought this game and then uninstalled it after the first few weeks you should give it another go. The devs have really expanded the arsenal of all reinforcements of the whole game plus even more classic heroes. It is now a great game to play for young kids as it is very rewarding for time playing it.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byThi Missen June 18, 2020

Great Game that is worth playing but with a few flaws

This game is the top class Star Wars battle recreation game the battles are fairly realistic and fun!
Violence: Although the battles are realistic Star Wars battles there is no dismemberment or blood at all! Sparks fly from enemy’s and you when you are hit off enemy’s when they die. You can see blaster holes in the enemy when they die however the bodies disappear within about 10 seconds. As Darth Vader you can choke people to death with the force choke but in is nothing worse than the original trilogy which are Universal ratings do nothing really to worry about!

Romance: There is barely any romance, the protagonists, Iden Versio and Del Meeko share a kiss after the battle of Jakku but that is all the love and romance in the game.

Language: H**l is used a couple of times but that is it for language

Drinking: In one level in the campaign there is a mention of a drink called Marizane Gold and you see thugs drinking but you cannot do it yourself.

Easy to play: The controls are so simple yet so varied in battle moves and shooting abilities so it is very easy to play
Story: The story is very good quite short but a good quality campaign
Game modes: There are serval amazing game modes such as co op but then there are some very boring game modes that are just really dull to play such as supremecy where it may take 3 hours to do a whole game

Pay to win?: You can play to get cosmetics and skins but they can also be earned in game for free so it is ok and not really pay to win as you can’t pay to get better weapons

That’s it I’d give it a 12 rating but ages 10 and up can probably play if the parents are ok with it!

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Teen, 14 years old Written byRedArrow14 June 6, 2020

This game is no more violent that the original trilogy.

Teen, 13 years old Written byChaosking May 23, 2020

Entertaining battles in a galaxy far far away...

A great game with quite a bit of fantasy violence. The worst violence though, is a rag doll man with a burn on his face. Suitable for a mature ten year old as the youngest.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byB-RexTheT-Rex May 14, 2020

A lot of potential wasted in follow-up to 2015 reboot

This game is rated T for Violence.

The gaming monster known as Electronic Arts never fails to deliver sub-par content, but Battlefront II is worse than sub-par. After pre-ordering this game for the Xbox One, I quickly learned how stupid EA is during pre-orders. I was supposed to receive three Last Jedi character skins (I don't care how bad the movie was, the costume design was outstanding). EA not only failed to deliver those skins to me, they also failed to mention that in order to take part in the download 3 days early promotion, I needed EA Access, their Xbox-exclusive subscription program for getting certain games from the EA catalog. They let me download a 300 MB "license file" but the full game took 3 days to download!

Violence- Standard Star Wars style violence with blasters, Force chokes, and Lightsabers. The most violent it gets (IMO) is when Kylo Ren jumps forward to enemies and carves them up with swift lightsaber strikes.

Controversy - Many of you have probably heard of the controversy with Battlefront II involving loot boxes. This is where it was a galactic-themed slot machine that gave you certain items using microtransactions (EA is notorious for these). EA got rid of these, but as of the 2019 BIG update, they're back, but EA has justified these saying that you'll win something but you're paying good money for character skins. If Battlefront II had a battle pass, people probably wouldn't be as mad, but EA has decided to take a crap on one of our favorite franchises.

Campaign - The campaign took me two days of 2 hour gameplay per day to finish. Storyline was very predictable, and I wish the main character hadn't defected so we could see how the Empire's inner workings operate and just get a good Star Wars from the perspective of the bad guys. I would've loved to see how the Empire got back on its feet from the Death Star II incident, and how the First Order rose. But whatever.

Controls - They were very clunky at first, making so much latency with an Xbox One S controller, but with the 2019 update, they fixed the controls to make the game somewhat enjoyable.

Overall - Meh. Don't waste your money. The LEGO Star Wars games are more fun than this game. Common Sense Media only rated it 4-stars because of the "positive messages". The game was bad, don't buy it. *Mic drop*

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Kid, 9 years old May 10, 2020

Great game!!!

This game is not 13+. It should be okay for 8 year old's.

Violence: 5/10, This game is not shy on violence, but their is no blood or gore.

Language: 1/10, Their are some insults throughout the game but no cuss words


Overall, this is a very fun game, and kids 8 and up would really like it!

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Kid, 10 years old May 8, 2020


...And I have been playing it ever since! It is really good but challenging to play! You have to pay to play online but you can do a mix of AI and real people for free!

There is some blood but only a little! It is honestly REALLY good!

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Written byAnonymous April 21, 2020

Why? Oh my gosh Common sense' calm down, ok?

Great game. Canoeing tells the story of Iden Versio who went from an empire worker to pure rebel scum. Probably the only good shooter I have ever played. No blood do little kids won't get scared but, of course little ones wouldn't be that great at the game.

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Kid, 6 years old April 12, 2020

one of the best video games ever

alot of violence isay 8 and i play this with my brother and we love it
Kid, 10 years old April 10, 2020

Dont buy this game on the x box

Ok first of all I would like to say dont buy this game on x box. You would not like to buy it on x box because most of the things you do is online. And you need to buy it. Some people will just go ahead and buy it. But people like me who dont want to buy it because they dont want to Spend any more money cant really do anything in the game. Most of the gameplay is online. You cant play with other people and that turns boring. Ok now lets get to the point. Ea did a much better job in this game than the other one. Well done Ea. There is some violence. But I dont think it is a lot. There ia no gor or blood. There are no cursing. And the game is kind of hard. People might get a little stressed. I think this game is fine for 12 and up.
Teen, 13 years old Written byIt's me Han Solo April 4, 2020

Favorite game!!!!

It brings out everything in battlefront 1 and more. It has great graphics and nice music. There is some violence because it’s a fps and tps. (First person shooter, third person shooter) But there’s no blood and not over the top brutality in the game so it’s ok to play for over 10. It will also entertain you for a long time with multiple game modes and campaign which will last for a long time. There is no swearing at all and a lot of characters in the game such as Han Solo, Darth Vader etc and mass multiplayer battles. I have played this game for around 2 years and I’m still playing it at least 1 hour a week.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byinfinitywar March 25, 2020

Zero Microtransactions!

Three years after the dreadful opening of the game, there are more players than ever. Why is that? Because of the continued love DICE has put into the game. The 4 main modes of the game are Galactic Assault, where you play as troopers and try to complete objectives, Supremacy, where you capture command posts for your team to board the other teams capital ship, Co-Op, which is like a mix of Galactic Assault and Supremacy, and Heroes vs Villains, where you play as main characters and fight the other team. The only scary thing in the game is the mode Ewok Hunt, where you play as Stormtroopers trying to escape attacking Ewoks. As the biggest Star Wars nerd alive, I love this game. Kids might like the recent addition of Ewoks and BB-8.