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Fun, cartoonish, multiplayer Wii fighting game.

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Parent Written byAnonymousElitist October 22, 2011

This is THE informative Brawl post.

Hey guys, how's it going? I heard What They Play had closed, and someone else suggested this site, so I thought I'd check it out. Anyway, I gotta give some clarification on the whole "sexual innuendo" thing. First, an explanation of WHY what's going on is going on: Samus Aran, the main character from the Metroid games, is a female inside a Chozo suit (robotic armor). In the Metroid series, there were occasionally parts where the suit would glitch up/become defective, and she'd go without it. She'd wear what is basically an almost-but-not-quite skintight catsuit (Seriously, what else would you wear inside a suit like Iron Man's? A jeans/t-shirt/jacket combo just isn't gonna work, guys). Anyway, yeah, in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, each character has a "Final Smash" attack, which is usually a large attack used to even the score, if you're falling behind. Samus' Final Smash is to use the last of the Chozo suit's energy to fire a massive blast of energy across the screen to hit the other opponents. Once finished, the Chozo suit falls off, and you're now playing as the much faster/more agile "Zero Suit Samus". Anyway, no, it's not presented in a sexual way AT ALL. Technically you don't even see her getting out of the suit, the character's entirely enveloped in a big flash of light, and when it goes away, she's just standing there. And there isn't any jiggling, either. There were actually some complaints from "adult" fans when the game first came out because "the jiggle physics aren't realistic enough" (Hint: There aren't any "jiggle physics" there, guys). So yeah, a movie spy-like catsuit. It can be considered suggestive material, but it's very mild in this case. Look up "Zero Suit Samus moveset" on YouTube and see for yourself. You're the parent of your own kid, you decide if it's too bad for your kid, but at least do the research first. And the stuff this "zezima536" kid down the page posted? I got a good laugh outta that. The characters always look the same, never appearing to have damage of any kind, IE wounds, missing limbs, blood/gore, or arrows piercing a girl's crotch. (heh, creative description, kid). Yeah, if you time it right, you can kick a character in the crotch, BUT it's no different from hitting anywhere else. Always the same cartoon punch/kick sound effects, with the same animations of the characters flinching and getting knocked back a couple feet. The character stated to "suck players up and while they are in his mouth viciously suck on them with passion", is KIRBY, Nintendo's famous little pink puffball alien. He sucks players up like a vacuum ( he actually has a vacuum-like sound effect, too), quickly swallows them, and gains some of their abilities. There's no "vicious sucking" involved here, folks. The character that "sh*ts them out as an egg" is the Mario series' dinosaur, Yoshi. The little dino dude swallows enemies, and lays an egg with them in it, temporarily keeping them from fighting, until they can break out. Nothing really vulgar here, either. As for "seeing under the princesses dresses", you can't really do that either. When you pause the game, you can change the camera angle and take screen shots. However, the camera is ridiculously restricted. Not so you can't see character's privates, but so that you can't see that those parts (along with quite a bit more of the game) aren't detailed at all. The princesses literally don't have crotches. With a bit of technical "hacking", the camera limits can be removed, and people have found that the legs just cease to exist slightly above the knee. Princess Zelda's dress is always too long to see anything slightly higher than the ankle, and in the occasional instance where you can see Princess Peach's legs, she's got a half slip and leggings, so you can't see anything there, either. SO ANYWAY, that's my rant about that. As far as the actual gameplay goes, this is a great multiplayer game. It's fun, and it lasts quite a while. Every match is different. There's a huge combination of characters, stages, and game modes, and there's also the fun random items and weapons appearing in the middle of a match, which can turn the tables quickly. To accurately describe it all would make this already long post two or three times longer. Just look up "Super Smash Bros. Brawl gameplay" on YouTube and see for yourself, then go buy a copy and play it, because Youtube videos don't do it justice, either. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't played a Smash Bros. game yet. ...I also feel sorry for anyone who seriously had no idea who Kirby was and had to read through that part of this post. (The Kirby games are awesome for kids, by the way. Look 'em up. They're as tame as it gets, and they're pretty easy, made with beginning/younger gamers in mind) Anyway, that's just about it for now. I'm getting tired of writing this. RECAP TIME: 1. This is an awesome game, and everyone who's capable of playing it should. 2. There are VERY, SUPER-INCREDIBLY MILD suggestive themes. Quite a bit less harmful than most of the crap most of you let your kids see on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon these days. Get over it. 3. Google/Youtube, ESRB, and the game's official website are your friends. Alright, NOW I'm done.
Adult Written byeveryguy April 9, 2008

Great fun but not necessarily the best influence

I have to admit. I love playing Brawl. I have three kids, and they love it too. The kids their age at school and church love it. They play it online together, and even organize parties where they have tournaments. From an entertainment standpoint this game is a clear winner. But there are some concerns. Although the violence is cartoon violence, it is still violence. If a person spends hours trying to inflict maximum damage to other players on screen, how can it not carry through to real life? My kids seem more aggressive and less tolerant during and after playing this game. I feel it too when I play. Also, because the is so entertaining, game play can easily override other concerns in a kid's life like school work, hobbies, and the like. After getting this, for a while, life in my house ended up seeming like one big Brawl-fest. Things have calmed down little, but it seems like Brawl is still the most popular thing among the kids. So while I recommend Brawl as an enjoyable game that can bring kids (and even their Dads) together, I think parents should take care to limit game play, and take action to ensure the violence in the game does not carry over into real life.
Kid, 10 years old July 22, 2011

A Great Game

I've been playing this since I was at leat 8, which is the inly reason I say 8+. It's nothing TOO violent, there's no blood, so I could say it being E10+ at least. My Mom approves of this, and she's SUPER stingy about what I play. It's not hard to use, but I don't think children will enjoy it much, just because their kids, but I LOVE these type of games, and this really DOES rock!
Parent of a 10 year old Written bygamereviewer6469 February 18, 2011

OK for Tweens

My only Concern is that Wario has a "Fart on the Face" move, but it think 10 and older can handle it, the Violence has a few Characters with knives, hammers, and guns. Overall, dont buy this for kids 1-9. They could use Wario as a role model, which isnt good.
Kid, 12 years old June 13, 2010

Great game

i really don't think this should be rated T, it should probably be rated E. the violence is NOT bad at all. I mean, you wouldn't be wanting your 5 year old playing this, the violence does not affect younger kids.
Teen, 14 years old Written by8colony8 February 21, 2011
This is an EXTREMELY good fighting game. I really reccomend it. There is no blood, but tons of cartoon violence. Your goal is to launch the opponents off of the course, and you can launch them easier by beating them up. Violence includes punching, kicking, lazer guns, bombs, grenade launchers, baseball bats, hammers, and tons of other weapons. Sometimes when you launch characters tey slam into the screen. There are tons of modes, characters, rules, items, and stages to keep you entertained. You can also maneuver the camera when paused and take pictures. The only iffy stuff besides the violence is that one character can toot as an attack, and one female character wears very tight clothes. 10/10
What other families should know
Too much violence
Parent Written bywrgtyp November 25, 2011

get over it

tom and jerry is far more violent then this
Kid, 10 years old April 9, 2008

Stupid ESRB!

this game is rated teen for no reason. everybody says its not teen! but i don't no why it is... now i cant buy the game thanks to esrb
Kid, 10 years old November 4, 2010
This game is Epic! One of my top 3 favorite Wii video games that I own at my house. It's not bloody, just violent, no fat chunk of dealio!
What other families should know
Too much violence
Teen, 15 years old Written byIsItgoodORnot June 5, 2010

A Pure Nintendo Classic

This game is non-stop fun. Still playing it as of today, starting from the very first day it was released. The 'T' rating is completely incorrect, cartoon violence with minimal blood falls under more of the E 10+ rating.
Teen, 13 years old Written byZero65 March 28, 2010

The E10 rating exists for a reason...

Honestly, I have no idea what made this game T rated. Super Smash Bros Brawl is a fighter that, rather than having life bars, has damage counters that increase as the player is hurt. The higher the damage counter, the easier it is to launch your opponent. It's a simple concept, but it's executed flawlessly.The game is easy and simple enough for little kids to understand, but for tweens/teens/adults, the game packs a lot of advanced techniques that can be executed. This game is very multiplayer focused, but single player can be enjoyable as well. I urge you to buy this as quickly as possible, you will not be disappointed.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

My fingers are totally cramped from playing so much!

Yea!Finally!!A game that I like And everyone else will like! Although...... it has the same characters like "Bowser" "Captain Falcon" "DK" "Falco" "Fox" "Ganondorf" "Ice Climbers" etc. In fact I still have to use the "Nintendo GameCube Controller" from "Super Smash Brothers Melee". But some new characters are Wario, Didykong, King DeDeDe, Medaknight etc...Its a lot of fun with the new characters and some of the new winged ones can glide. Lots of new places to battle on. Better graphics than Melee. There's a bunch of new items to use and the smash ball lets out the big final smash. Its okay for 10 yrs and over I think but its definately lots of smashing and bashing!
Kid, 11 years old July 2, 2011


This is too strong for the children 8 and under
Kid, 8 years old June 30, 2011


i can play it
Adult Written byRIPsquishy August 10, 2010


seriously i love this game so much. it's so much fun to play! i doubt parents will have a problem with this...the girls aren't dressed sexy, there's no blood, & no bad words.
Adult Written byMasterChief2 May 17, 2010

This is a perfect game for all ages and the rating is not justified

This game is incredibly tame and I am shocked that it gained a T rating. If it has a T rating then it should be along the lines of games like Batman Arkham Asylum right? Wrong! There is no blood, no language, no suggestive themes, nothing. If you let your child watch Bugs Bunny then this will be fine. Many parts of the game are comedic. The game might not be great for someone who is 4 if you play the story mode because there are parts that might scare them. However the arcade mode is acceptable for all ages. An example of play would be if Mario fought Bowser. Mario punches Bowser and Bowser moves back a few inches.... that is the extent of the violence. No cries of pain, no blood, no twisting around in pain.... nothing. I am sorry if this seems like a "rage" review because I don't intend it to be, but this is the worst rating of a game I have ever seen. This game should be rated E.
Teen, 13 years old Written byThe Frozen Flame November 1, 2009

cool game

This game is fairly fun for younger audiences. I recommend this for ages 8+ because its just cartoony violence.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Great role models
Adult Written bybullblitzdog April 28, 2009

love it!

i love this game....its a "when ur bored" game but overall i give this game a 4 out of 5. i love using mario and marth also link......its pretty fun game. B+
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

I wasted my time!

Yeah, face it, wacking Gannondorf in the face with a hammer is fun, or kicking Mario after not beating MarioKart, but this game is just a souped-up version of the previous version, Meelee! Ok, you have new stages, graphics and characters, but the overall goal is the same, destroy Pikachu, Link, Mario, Samus and maybe even (*Gulp*) Zelda! That seems like fun the first three times but for after that its just like "Yeah, yeah, B-Up, A-Side, B-Down" BORING!!!
Parent of a 11 year old Written byrichardlinane September 16, 2012

The design of "Brawl" is alarmingly addictive.

This game is extremely addictive. Some children that will have difficulty stopping game play when they are trying to achive a new character or level. I am writing this as a word of caution to those parents who may have concerns of this nature. We have taken this game from our child as he has on many occations thrown tantrums due to his game playing time ending but not being able to stop playng the game.