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Fun, cartoonish, multiplayer Wii fighting game.

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Adult Written byTemplar314 January 19, 2009

The king of Wii games

The simplicity of the controls makes this game newcomer-friendly, and veteran players will not be disappointed. Super Smash Bros. Brawl takes the superior gameplay of Melee and enhances it with long-awaited (as well as unexpected) characters, fantastic music, and new features to the combat system such as Final Smashes. Parents should not be overly concerned. For a fighting game, Brawl has a very non-objectionable combat system in which the goal is not to kill the opponent, but to force them off of the stage. Fighting abilities usually lack realism (e.g. cartoony explosions, futuristic weapons, swallowing opponents, etc).
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

My fingers are totally cramped from playing so much!

Yea!Finally!!A game that I like And everyone else will like! Although...... it has the same characters like "Bowser" "Captain Falcon" "DK" "Falco" "Fox" "Ganondorf" "Ice Climbers" etc. In fact I still have to use the "Nintendo GameCube Controller" from "Super Smash Brothers Melee". But some new characters are Wario, Didykong, King DeDeDe, Medaknight etc...Its a lot of fun with the new characters and some of the new winged ones can glide. Lots of new places to battle on. Better graphics than Melee. There's a bunch of new items to use and the smash ball lets out the big final smash. Its okay for 10 yrs and over I think but its definately lots of smashing and bashing!
Kid, 11 years old July 2, 2011


This is too strong for the children 8 and under
Kid, 8 years old June 30, 2011


i can play it
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

I wasted my time!

Yeah, face it, wacking Gannondorf in the face with a hammer is fun, or kicking Mario after not beating MarioKart, but this game is just a souped-up version of the previous version, Meelee! Ok, you have new stages, graphics and characters, but the overall goal is the same, destroy Pikachu, Link, Mario, Samus and maybe even (*Gulp*) Zelda! That seems like fun the first three times but for after that its just like "Yeah, yeah, B-Up, A-Side, B-Down" BORING!!!
Teen, 14 years old Written bybluebirdhack November 23, 2015

best of its kind yet

The game is fun and exciting with hours of fun the only problem is that it takes up a lot of storage because it is already a huge game.
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Easy to play/use
Teen, 15 years old Written bySkandi July 11, 2011

Fun game. Some parents won't like it.

Obviously violence. There's no blood or gore, but the aim of the game is to use your character's various fighting moves to cause other characters' "damage" (represented by a percentage at the bottom of the screen). The higher the damage, the further the characters will fly back when you hit them. The objective is to get points by hitting characters off the screen. Weapons range from turnips to laser guns. The characters are from various other video games, some of them rated T for reasons other than violence. One character, Snake, is from Metal Gear Solid, a game rated M, and uses modern weapons like hand grenades and missile launchers. A character named Wario farts as an attack. A female character named Zero-Suit Samus wears a tight suit (which covers her entire body except for her head) and has a Barbie-doll body. I would understand why a lot of parents don't like their kids playing this game. It's loads of fun, though, especially its multiplayer mode.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Kid, 12 years old January 13, 2013


SSBB has been going on for many years now. I want to tell you how AWESOME this third game is in my opinion. The characters are SOMETIMES awesome and sometimes they suck. For example, Meta knight was banned from tournaments because he has NO FLAWS!! (Sorry Ike) Mario I rate 4/10, Luigi 7/10, Peach 4/10, Bowser 5/10, DK 6/10, small DK 5/10, Yoshi 1/10, Wario 6/10, Link 3/10, Zelda 8/10, Sheik 5/10, Ganondorf 4/10, Toon Link 7/10, Samus 4/10, ZSS 9/10, Pit 5/10, Ice Climbers 7/10, R.O.B. 6/10, Meta Knight 10/10, Kirby 8/10, King DeDeDe 5/10, Olimar 0.5/10, Fox 2/10, Falco 4/10, Wolf 6/10, Captain Falcon 7/10, Pikachu 4/10, Squirtle 9/10, Charizard 8/10, Ivysaur 0.35/10, Lucario 6/10, Jigglypuff 1/10, Marth 7/10, Ike 3/10, Ness 9/10, Lucas 4/10, Mr. Game and Watch 9.75/10, Snake 2.5/10, Sonic 5/10. THAT"S ALL!!! Now the bosses: Petey Piranha is a very pathetically designed boss but he has about the same amount of health as Tabuu. Rayquaza is a pretty challenging boss when you use a heavy weight or weak character. Porky is too youngish to be very high powered and well designed. Galleom is just hard and highly annoying. Ridley is pretty simple once you get use to his somewhat predictable patterns. Duon is very insane to defeat even with a great character he's still quite the challenge. Meta Ridley is much easier than Ridley because he is not as fast or as strong. Master Hand is a joke, but he has some quick and unexpected attacks. Crazy Hand is literally a joking around boss, but he has more dangerous attacks than Master Hand. Tabuu is very nasty to fight in the SSE, in Boss Battles, he is much easier and slower and weaker. Off waves are instant K.O. in both versions. That's my opinion on THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!! Hope you enjoyed!
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much consumerism
Kid, 10 years old December 12, 2011


great game family so funny u will love it
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much consumerism
Teen, 13 years old Written bymadelineshadowrose November 4, 2011

No sex

There is no sex I do not know where people get that idea.
Kid, 11 years old February 22, 2011


AWESOME FIGHT 8 year old brother loves to play it with my dad and me.its ENDLESS FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.this game can bring back memories too,like one of the courses is the classic donkey kong game setting.its very easy to master,no online interactions (except CPU) so buy it NOW
What other families should know
Too much violence
Kid, 12 years old October 13, 2010

fun for tweens and up

Great game. The violence is not gory or anything, just cartoony. Pretty easy game. HINT: best characters are link, bowser, snake, and R.O.B. DO NOT BE WARIO OR LUIGI! They do not have very good attacks
Kid, 10 years old May 21, 2010

Best game ever!

Woo! This is one of the best games EVER!!! It's violent, but a ton of fun!!!
What other families should know
Too much violence
Teen, 14 years old Written byDa_Boy2010 May 20, 2010

Super Smash Bros Brawl

This game should be rated E10+, there is nothing wrong with cartoons fighting.
Kid, 10 years old May 20, 2010

Nintendo's masterpeice is definetly the king of fighting games

I really like it. it is my favorite game right now. it is so good because you can use like 30 charachters, who each have like 10 different attacks(ranged and melee), 50 courses plus making your own courses, and a ton of items. there are also different types of brawls, and it is especially fun on multiplayer.
Teen, 14 years old Written byTerminater101 April 13, 2010

Perfect for all ages

One of my favorite games a little violent not gory at all I have 9 year old cousin who plays all the time (and gets beaten all the time.) Really good game for all ages. Overall rating 10/10
What other families should know
Too much violence
Kid, 10 years old April 7, 2010


This game is pretty fun! The controls are easy and you can choose from a variety of characters. There is a bit of violence, but I still recommend this game.
Teen, 13 years old Written byParamoreFan09 March 16, 2010

This game is great for parties etc.

I love this game! It is so fun! I don't get why it is rated T all of the violence is in good fun. The game is also really well set up. Controls get confusing a bit. I highly recommend this game.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Kid, 11 years old February 17, 2010

fun and easy

this is the best game ever! in 2 player mode is really fun and 1 player mod is really fun! it's one of the most easy games ever.
Teen, 17 years old Written byNintendoMaster2009 May 4, 2009

Cool Game!!!!!

This is a really cool game (I think anyways). I unlocked all of the characters and I found new tricks that some people does not know yet. Tricks are pretty easy to learn in this game, so you'll get to learn them really easily. You just need patiance and practice. There is also a way to get close ups when taking Snapshots and turn into Zero Suit Samus before the battles begin and if your fast, you can press the Up and Down button really fast to change into Zero Suit Samus during battle without getting the Smash Ball. You can be Shiek in the begining of battles also, just click on the Shiek picture (in the Zelda box) when selecting characters. You can do the same with Pokemon Trainer. To change characters in Subspace missions (Zero Suit Samus, Pokemon, Shiek), you got to press either left or right on the C stick. So, theres some tips that you can do if you have this game. I also beat this game and I unlocked everything except Trophies. But thats ok to me, Im not greedy about trophies anyway. Yea, this is recommended for any age (except really young ages lol). Since it is a fighting game, but blood! =) Yea, this is my #1 game out of all the Wii games I have. =D