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age 17+

R for strong graphic violence, some drug material and brief nudity

Technobabylon is a throwback to point and click adventures of old. Gameplay here is minimal but fairly clever and the story has well written characters and dialogue, as well as a convincing ambiance and good but subtle music. Altho the villian motivations could have been more fleshed out and aspects of dangers of net addiction and all seeing technology could have been explored with more depth, and puzzles leave some to be desired. However as a whole TB is a good 4 hour ride that holds your attention with its interesting themes and makes you have hope a sequel can look even deeper into this world. Granted like many video games the sequel hook is quite shameless but welcome here. As for the content. It is very mature yet not gratuitous. The pixel art is surprisingly realistic and the writting makes them feel even more human. There are violent scenes such as a man falling to his death with bloody and even bony results. A gruesome crime seen with a bedroom with dismembered body parts and a bloody body in a hot tub. We later see the deaths happen in a flashback including a bloody shot to the head and a disembowelment (while the act itself is off screen we see blood and organs plop to the floor as it happens). Other violent scenes include a bombing that leaves charred and bloody corspes, gruesome mutilated naked bodies hanging from meat hooks at an "Exotic" resturaunt (while pixelly in design, genitalia and posteriors are vaguely recognizable), a decapitated body with blood on and around it, a bloody engineer crushed by an elevator, mooks shot with bloody results and tamer violence involving tasing wet enemies, a simulation/ recreation of a nuclear event from the game worlds history, a strangulation and a character about to freeze to death. There are also relatively tame sexual references such as one to a "sexbot" and addicts doing degrading acts to gain entry to a club. There is also a level that requires the player to buy narcotics to drug another character and another where a character sees horrifying visions under the affects of a hallucinogen. Language is mild with uses of Damn, @$$ (some times with "hole"), SOB, and really silly sounding use of "Nuke" in place of obvious intended F words (Get nuked, nuke yourself, ah nuke it).