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A must-play RPG for mature fantasy fanatics.

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Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008
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played it once

this game is wonderfull but their is bood on the ground and it does squirt out! LOVED IT
Teen, 13 years old Written byantioblivion April 9, 2008
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Wrong Rating

I own this game and am 13, it is one of my favorites. I think the rating is not right it should be rated teen not mature. The violence iswith swords and there is a little more blood than call of duty. There is also a little language but it is by no mean that bad. If you are over 12 I think it is ok. But there is some thinking involved in the game. Very fun if you like RPG's also the rating was canged from teen to mature. I think it should be rated teen!
Teen, 14 years old Written byBobb April 9, 2008
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Great game; not for casual players

An extremely well done adaption of the dungeons and dragons system, but perhaps alittle dark for younger fans. also fitting for FPS and fantasy fans in general. Advanced character mechanics make this a better choice for the committed player.
Teen, 15 years old Written byski123 April 9, 2008
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Very fun but can get boring....

I thought this was a very fun game at first. There is a whole world to explore and it seems that there are unlimited amounts of things to do. But somehow I just got bored of it. I'm not sure why, but after 3 weeks of playing it, I lost the fun in killing things and doing quests. Even though there are many different things to do, the game does not suck you in making you want to play it for hours at a time.
Teen, 13 years old Written bynorthpark April 9, 2008
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It's tamer than it sounds.

I love this game. It is very long and well made, and the plot is great. One thing that was messed up in this review is the fact that this game was first rated "T" by the ESRB. It was rated "M" because with a third-party modification women could be seen topless. Modifications have been created for any game and should have not been considered in the rating. This means that you are buying a "T" game out of the box.
Teen, 15 years old Written bymoviegeek April 9, 2008
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Best game I've ever played

I've owned this game for a couple of months and have still not tired of it. It has so many different quests and all sorts of cities and towns. It should definitely be rated Teen. There REALLY isn't anything bad in it. There is just lots of violence. Not for younger players. But 14+, there shouldn't be a problem.
Teen, 13 years old Written byTheGiraffle April 9, 2008
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An AWESOME game, at least 24+ hours of game experience!

A very enjoyable RPG game, featuring quite a few races, including the lizard like argonian, the short wood elf, and the feirce khajhiit. It features a wide range of weapons, and the game follows your level up, so you wont have to travel far in the wilderness to fight off ogres at level 23. Weapons, armor, and monsters level up with you, making a BIG difference between a quest you did at level 4 and a quest you did at level 20. Characters are most the time life like and intellegent, though easily ticked off. Characters can go from happy to angry in a conversation with you within 4 seconds D:. Either way, there are endless quests besides the main one, giving you way more things to do once you beat the main quest. It holds good graphics, and realistic deaths, a very good RPG.
Teen, 13 years old Written byLord Voldemort April 9, 2008
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A Masterpiece

Oblivion is a flat-out masterpiece in my eyes. Cutting edge graphics, great gameplay, and enough content so that if you played it straight through, you'd go from a 150 pound tan person to a 120 pound pale-ghost :) The biggest issues that needs to be addressed in this game is the violence and alchholism. You will run into drunks, and occasionally a drug addict, and the blood will spray if you hack at something, so be warned. Other than that, the game is a must-game for someone 12 and over, I would say. PS...The only reason why it is rated M is because there is a little more blood than previously observed, and someone thought it funny to make a topless mod, but even that was overreacted about. A GREAT game.
Teen, 14 years old Written by7circles April 9, 2008
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A Best! A++

I say if you are in to the medevil stuff then i'd definetly get this game. It rated M but don't worry about the sexual stuff because you can't do anything that you wouldn't want your kids to see really. So if you have'nt gotten this game yet you are required by all HUMANITY TO GET IT!!
Adult Written byHeroneSilverton April 9, 2008
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Spectacular Role-Playing Game

I have never seen a game quite like this. You can do almost anything. Doing bad things have negative affects, such as going to jail, but it is also quite easy to get away with things. This game depends on your child. It should not have been rated M, I believe that was only for it's complicated gameplay. You should know your child before letting them play this. If they will be a good guy, then this can be a very fun game. But there are also many kids who will just run around slaughtering villagers and stealing things left and right. If this is the case, the huge range of actions you can take in this game would not be suitable for your child. There is an option to drink, but this will have negative status effects. There are blood and corpses shown, but if you are good, it will mostly be corpses of creatures and not people. Still, they can be rather nasty, so this game is not for the very squeamish. This game has absolutely amazing graphics, and has a huge land to explore. You can follow the quest line or just wander off on your own and go absolutely anywhere. You can ride horses and even a unicorn! It is very easy to get lost in this game, meaning both in game and out. I have been so sucked in that hours and hours will go by without me realizing. Don't be surprised when every time you have to quit you feel as if you haven't gotten anything done. I defenitly reccoment this game to any mature player. It is by far one of the best games made yet, and I hope that future games will continue upon which "Oblivion" has built.
Kid, 9 years old April 9, 2008
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I wanna get this game so badly!!!!

Man, this game is number 1 on my top 5 games i want. I want it so badly!!!!! look at this sideways: >:-0 that is what i look like while i'm writing this review. I saw the video review on, and it doesn't look so bad. i think the ESRB should have rated it "T." I hope I get it today. From, The penguin kid. P.S. See ya!
Adult Written byblondy881 April 9, 2008
Teen, 16 years old Written byhalo127 April 9, 2008
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Excellent game

This is a must play game. I say okay for 14+. Not because of the content but because of the difficulty level it is best for kids 14+. The violence is minimum, a little blood there and there with the exception of corpses, zombies and when you fight in the arena, as you walk up the passage there is blood visible on the walls and on the floor. There are quests that deal with drinking problems and sexual situations for example you put a stop to a group of women bringing men to there barn to supposively have sex but actually take there valuables. Most of the quests are for a good cause unless it is for the dark brotherhood in which you kill inocents just for money. You can pretty do anything like murder, steal, pilage, and even pickpoket. It is very fun and recommended to be the first game you buy in the next week.
Teen, 13 years old Written byHalo 117 April 9, 2008
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I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best game ever made no doubt about it :) I recommend it to children from age 10 to adults because of the slight language and some use of alchol and some blood but who hasent seen blood before? but if your looking for a game that will last for years and never get old...... this is it!
Teen, 13 years old Written byphil143 April 9, 2008
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this game was amazing I believe everyone should be able to see it although this wouldn't appeal to younger audiences I still think teens and tweens should be able to play it
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008
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Good game

The only real problem is violence. That and you can be somewhat of a criminal.
Adult Written bylipsofanangle April 9, 2008
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Its a neat game I wouldn't mind letting my kids play it.But it dose contain some sexuality and a lot of violence it's not for younger kids
Adult Written byNightshade April 9, 2008
Adult Written byCC April 9, 2008
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Set aside a LOT of time!

Love this game, got to level 33 and pretty much did everything I could do! I wouldn't recommend for children under 10-13 due to some mature content like drinking, killing and some of the story lines.
Teen, 14 years old Written byGlenn Junior to... April 9, 2008
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PERFECT RPG for Teens and older

This game is really fun with the custom costomes,uniforms,and weapons. It is a very fun RPG and if you haven't tried it you should. The only part that is really violent is the sitoution if a whole bunch of people are around you.There is blood on grounds but eventully it will go away.My point is this game is a great game for teens and older.