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Iconic, brain-teasing action games are redone, still fab.

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Teen, 15 years old Written bykniroid May 30, 2014

A beautiful experience

I just want to say that, if for nothing else, you should get this game for your child so that they can still experience it as a child. Dont wait for them to be older. This is a game that instills wonder better than disney movies, and it is a game that your child will remember fondly of when looking back on.
Parent Written byfreedman15 December 28, 2012

A mistake CommonSenseMedia made

While the description of the content of these two games is accurate, I would like to point out one major mistake made by CommonSenseMedia. Wander, the protagonist of Shadow of the Colossus, is in no way a hero. He goes out of his way to kill others who the game's story very specifically states do not originally wish him harm and only fight in their own defense. This is a very important piece of the game's story and message which shouldn't be overlooked, as it gives the game's ending appropriate context.
Adult Written bysanguinius_kain September 29, 2011

A classic game and one that stands the test of time as a fight that games are art.

One thing that is failed to be said in this review is that in Shadow of the Colossus is that the Wander is doing what he is doing for his OWN reasons and with it he is killing off those beings that have been around for far longer then he has been. It is shown that want he is doing is wrong in the fact that as the game goes on and he kills off more and more of the beings he himself starts dieing and becoming more and more zombie like. On a side note the Wander ends up becoming the first horned boy from the coffins in the start of Ico. If you look under the skin of this game it is VERY dark and it is ment to bring a feeling of "I just killed that poor thing for no reason at all." More so to the ones that don't even fight back till you attack them first.
Parent Written byGreat Games February 20, 2013

great game

Very good game. The violence in this game is fighting the giant colossus and the blood is a drop of coke coming out of the colossus neck. These are some of the best ps3 games you can get. Finally I think that this title would be good for ages 11 and up.
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