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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III

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so fun

When evil forces are knocking at your door, who better to answer than a professional monster hunter with the name "Van Helsing"? The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III wraps up the Van Helsing action-RPG/dungeon-crawling trilogy by packing in almost everything fans of the genre could ask for. Each of the game's six unique classes has its own distinct style of play, from the stealthy, ninja-like "Umbralist" to the mad scientist/walking tank powerhouse, the "Phlogistoneer." Odds are, if you have a way you like to play, Van Helsing III has a class for you. In fact, when you factor in all the skills, abilities, and special Rage boosts, there are almost too many options to wrap your head around initially. From a presentation standpoint, Van Helsing III is a polished horror experience. Creatures look suitably frightening, and the game never shies away from blood and gore. Thankfully, while the story progresses nicely with a strong plot and interesting characters, the game never takes itself too seriously. The game's humor, such as torturing a prisoner with bad poetry, keeps it from ever becoming too dark, in spite of the violence and horror of the world. The Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing III rides off into the sunset full of monster-slaying action, which should keep action fans busy until the hero is called on once again to defeat creatures hiding in the shadows.

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