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Simple real time strategy with dull campaign.

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age 9+
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Kid, 10 years old September 11, 2012

Horrible game!

Absolutely horrible boring game! Don't even think about getting it!
Teen, 13 years old Written byTakedaIesyu October 7, 2009

A really good game, but iffy for kids.

I notice that some of the themes in this game are pretty gruesome. Any character, when low on health, will say something. The Masari's Lord Charos, for instance, will say "The trickle of blood has become a river" The Hierchy's Radiation weapons are known to turn innocent bystanders into zombies called "slaves". Also, they have some fairly cruel things, such as turning criminals insane, then converting them into soldiers. Nufai says things like "What sin shall Nufai commit?" and Orlok says "All I see are corpses". I hear those and I go EEWEEEE! Occasionally, a bystanding human will run, yelling "Oh my Goood!" and "What the h#!l is that thing!" when they spot any troops.
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