My Very Hungry Caterpillar App Poster Image

Kids tap an egg until it hatches into a caterpillar. Each day they feed it, play with it, and make sure it gets plenty of rest until it becomes a butterfly. Has feel-good written all over it, from the tinkling musical notes to the bright colors.

Avokiddo ABC Ride App Poster Image

Beck and Bo ride a bike along a path and explore each scene, following alliterative instructions to reveal the hidden letter. The gentle voice narration gives lots of encouragement, and the graphics are impressive -- everything seems to be made from cardboard.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel App Poster Image

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is a fun starting point for teaching kids about common topics like bedtime and bathroom routines and going to the doctor. It's best as a shared experience, so you can help your kids relate the activities to everyday life.

MarcoPolo Weather App Poster Image

In this freeplay environment, kids control weather conditions and see how avatars react. They can clothe and accessorize them and add flowers, a tent, an igloo, and more. Offers cause-and-effect science that carries over into real life.

RelationShapes App Poster Image

A blend of tangrams and creativity, this app asks kids to solve puzzles by arranging shapes into patterns to match existing ones or create their own. Using problem solving and spatial reasoning, little kids develop early math skills.


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Common Sense Tips

  • With the right mix of apps, you can turn your Android tablet into a genuine learning tool with apps in every category, from art to early literacy and social development.
  • Create a supportive learning environment by asking questions, troubleshooting, and just enjoying watching your kid interact with apps.