Angry Birds App Poster Image

This ubiquitous game is a fun, addictive puzzler based around destruction and revenge (the birds want to get back at the pigs for stealing their eggs). No mobile device is complete without it!

Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island App Poster Image

As the owner of an island in ecological distress, kids learn what hurts it and how to fix it. They buy trees, pick up garbage, and clean oil spills until the island is rainbow-framed; kids make the connection to our own environment's problems.

Monument Valley App Poster Image

A silent princess leads users through a captivating world in this M.C. Escher-inspired puzzle game. By routinely ignoring gravity and physical laws, it creates a surreal dream world. It's very soothing and best suited for players who need a slower pace.

NASA App Poster Image

Official NASA app is jam-packed with information on the U.S. space program and astronomy. Check out a sunset over South America from space or count down the liftoff of the next mission launch. New photos, videos, and tweets added daily.

TinyTap - Educational Games App Poster Image

We know kids love to play games, and this app not only lets them play but also create. There are tons of games created by others that your kid can search, or they can dive in and make one themselves -- no coding necessary.


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  • Download a range of apps, from academic skill builders to creative photo-editing tools to the ultimate world-building app, Minecraft, which rewards imaginative thinking.
  • Tweens are often tempted to download programs made for kids 13 and up, so make sure you discuss the importance of sticking to age-appropriate apps.