My Food - Nutrition for Kids App Poster Image

Healthy eating and food types are the focus of this fun resource. Kids can freely explore interactive graphics such as plates of food, a nutrition wheel, and a sandwich builder. Great way to spark curiosity about veganism and vegetarianism.

Toca Builders App Poster Image

Alongside Minecraft and other sandbox-style creation toys and games, Toca Builders holds its own. This open-ended app gives kids a fun, easy-to-manage way to express creativity and use technology.

Toontastic 3D App Poster Image

Got a budding Walt Disney on your hands? Turn kids loose on Toontastic 3D, where they can easily create their own animated films. Kids simply choose the characters and setting for each scene, drag and drop the pieces, and add dialogue as the iPad records it all.

Where's My Water? App Poster Image

Hosted by Swampy the Alligator -- a reptile who loves to be clean -- Where's My Water? is a physics-based game that teaches kids about gravity, problem-solving, and spatial recognition. But all kids will care about is making Swampy sparkle.


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Common Sense Tips

  • Create a "starter kit" of apps from every category, including art, learning, and social development.
  • Using the iPad's Guided Access setting, you can limit access to a single app.