LetterSchool App Poster Image

LetterSchool does a great job teaching letter writing with a three-step process: learn the starting points for each stroke, trace the letter, and write the letter without hints. It features cool and highly imaginative animations.

Skybrary – Kids Books & Videos App Poster Image

Kids can learn about the joys of reading in an encouraging and nurturing environment. The app offers a wide selection of books (you'll need a subscription) as well as videos that will appeal to a wide audience.

Lipa Theater: Story Maker App Poster Image

As with a classic, real-life puppet theater, kids can create their own stories. However, this app lets kids customize backdrops, music, props, and more. Then they can record their stories to show later.

MarcoPolo World School App Poster Image

This combination of videos and games teaches kids a variety of STEAM concepts. The learning dialogue between the characters and the narrator makes this one a standout.

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen App Poster Image

With or without the Tiggly toys, this app lets kids build words and explore phonics. As kids play, the level of difficulty ramps up, which gives the app a longer shelf life.


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Common Sense Tips

  • Create a "starter kit" of apps from every category, including art, learning, and social development.
  • Using the iPad's Guided Access setting, you can limit access to a single app.