Windosill App Poster Image

A beautiful puzzle game with no instructions; kids figure out how to unlock each level's door and move the woodblock-style toy train to the next level. They'll encounter endlessly interactive illustrations they can tap and drag to reveal their capabilities.

Wizard School App Poster Image

Create and share in a safe and inspiring environment that takes learning to the next level. Kids watch videos, draw, take pictures, and message with family and friends, completing challenges with themes such as music, science, and sports.

Hands-on Equations 1 App Poster Image

Though it doesn't have the bells and whistles some math apps have, this does take kids through a solid learning process. The visual elements may help them make sense of algebra's abstract concepts.

Maverick - Social just for you App Poster Image

Looking for a positive online community for your kid? Look no further, as this app offers an upbeat, creative social space for tweens and teens.

Minecraft App Poster Image

Players land in the middle of a world that has no structures, other people, or objectives. They build a shelter and other buildings using resources they harvest. The app rewards imaginative thinking and may give kids a confidence boost as they show off the worlds they've created.


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Common Sense Tips

  • Did you know kids can actually learn a bit about physics as they play Angry Birds or pick up architecture skills by building in Minecraft?
  • Before you download, find out if the app has in-app purchases, social networking, or advertising.