SkyView - Explore the Universe App Poster Image

SkyView is an excellent tool for learning about the astronomical universe, allowing kids to see what's in the sky above them. They can learn about astronomy and get tons of sky-related factoids on anything from astronauts and their missions to the distances of stars from Earth.

Word Runners - Touch Press Games App Poster Image

Kids who don't love reading might love this reading app since it weaves fun puzzles into the text. If kids read the page, then solve the visual puzzles, they'll get a fun, unique, interactive experience.

Adventure Time Game Wizard - Draw Your Own Adventure Time Games App Poster Image
This product is no longer available

Finn and Jake find a magic book, allowing Finn to sketch himself. The charming pair talks kids through a tutorial and then sets them loose to battle enemies. An innovative, well-rounded game that teaches kids to create and share their own game levels.

GarageBand App Poster Image

Imagine being able to write, record, and share your own professional-quality music wherever you are with a few taps of a screen. GarageBand is a mobile workstation for multitrack recording. Its multitouch controls and visual interface help demystify how songs are put together and recorded.

Google Maps - Transit & Food App Poster Image

Tweens and teens can get turn-by-turn directions for driving, walking, taking public transit, and bicycling as they learn to navigate the world through satellite-based views. Data such as distance, scale, travel time, and even traffic conditions will empower them to make informed decisions.


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Common Sense Tips

  • Did you know kids can actually learn a bit about physics as they play Angry Birds or pick up architecture skills by building in Minecraft?
  • Before you download, find out if the app has in-app purchases, social networking, or advertising.