Lumino City App Poster Image

With a handcrafted backdrop, this story-based puzzler is just stunning. In addition to its impressive visuals, its puzzles are challenging and carry the plot along.

Mekorama App Poster Image

Guide the cute robot through each level to unlock other puzzles, or create your own levels and share them. As they play, kids use problem-solving skills and can construct their own levels, which encourages learning.

Notability App Poster Image

Notability gives kids and teens a place to take and organize their notes. If they want to type their notes, they can type them. If they want to draw them, they can draw them. If they want to record audio notes, they can do that, too. It's an ideal resource for nearly any type of note taker.

NYT VR - New York Times App Poster Image

Fancy VR headsets are still too expensive for most families, but with Google Cardboard and this app, kids can jump into 3D video experiences. From entertaining to educational, the videos can give kids experiences they likely can't have otherwise.

Paper Camera App Poster Image

A super hip and fun way to add effects to your photos before or after taking them. Effects are flexible, fascinating, and in real time, so it's fun to walk around examining the world. Kids will like experimenting and learning about photography techniques.


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Common Sense Tips

  • Did you know kids can actually learn a bit about physics as they play Angry Birds or pick up architecture skills by building in Minecraft?
  • Before you download, find out if the app has in-app purchases, social networking, or advertising.