Candy Crush Saga App Poster Image

This is one of the most addicting app games out there -- which is both good and bad. It's incredibly fun and engaging, bringing a twist to the match-three genre. But the game's aggressive pushing of expensive in-app purchases and increased difficulty in later levels make it better for older teens.

Pandora  - Free Music & Radio App Poster Image

Download this internet radio app and unlock a world of music with infinite selection -- from calypso to alt-country. Teens can create their own stations based on favorite artists, songs, or composers. Pandora nurtures teens' interest and understanding of music.

Facebook App Poster Image

With privacy settings and parental oversight, Facebook can be a positive way for teens to stay connected with friends. Help your teen practice safe, responsible, and respectful online behavior.

Pinterest App Poster Image

A good example of positive social networking, Pinterest is like a digital pinboard that people use to share, save, and categorize images and ideas for everything from crafting and tattoos to photography. Well organized and highly visually engaging.

The Sims FreePlay App Poster Image

Although it's only a fraction of the size of its high-end PC game counterparts, this app manages to capture the same array of endless features and options for which the series has become so renowned. There's plenty for teens to sink their teeth into.


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Common Sense Tips

  • Encourage your teen to build a mobile library containing a wide range of apps, from games to music to social networking.
  • So long as your ebooks have a minimum of bells and whistles (aka distractions), it's fine if your teen prefers to read on the Kindle.