Minecraft App Poster Image

Players land in the middle of a world that has no structures, other people, or objectives. They build a shelter and other buildings using resources they harvest. The app rewards imaginative thinking and may give kids a confidence boost as they show off the worlds they've created.

Monument Valley 2 App Poster Image

Like the original, this puzzler is mind-bending without being too frustrating. Kids can practice problem solving and spatial reasoning within a calm, beautifully designed world.

Stack the States App Poster Image

Stack the States offers kids an engaging way to learn geography details, and it's way more fun than traditional flashcards.

Tetris App Poster Image
This product is no longer available

Tetris puts a twist on the classic puzzle game with One Touch, a control scheme optimized for mobile touchscreen devices. If kids choose one of the more challenging modes, they'll exercise thinking and reasoning skills.

World of Goo App Poster Image

Few mobile games are as creative, entertaining, or endearing as World of Goo. To play, you pick up gobs of goo and stretch them into structures to solve the game's puzzles. Kids are challenged to analyze each situation and think strategically as they build.


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Common Sense Tips

  • Discuss how a mix of playing, reading, and interacting with others makes for a balanced day.
  • If your kid loves to read, the ability to immediately download the next book in a series, a resource for homework, or a rainy-day read is a major benefit.