Paper by WeTransfer App Poster Image

This no-frills app is designed to look like a notebook and feel like picking one up. It has a handful of tools that enhance the classic sketching experience, and the free-drawing tool is fantastic for doodling and exploring ideas. The app also is good for handwriting practice.

Procreate App Poster Image

Awesome professional-caliber creation tool for digital artists. Tweens and teens will need instruction, but, if they're familiar with digital art and design, they'll have a hard time pulling themselves away, feeling empowered by using the same tools and techniques as the pros.

Autodesk Sketchbook App Poster Image

Tweens and teens can create digital art using this professional-grade app, developing their unique styles as they experiment with the different tools, colors, brushes, and strokes. Offering both free and pro versions, the app caters to a variety of skill levels.

Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing App Poster Image

What captivates with this drawing app is the ability to collaborate remotely. Kids create drawings or upload photos from a device to draw over; then, another user can view, rate, add to, or change the drawings as the original creator watches on his or her own device in real time.

ArtStudio - Draw and Paint App Poster Image

The step-by-step lessons in this amazing art-creation app show kids how to draw different images, including dogs or buildings. Kids practice following directions while learning general art skills and concepts, such as perspective. Creations can be saved to an in-app gallery.


Circle and triangle

Bright Idea

Encourage teens to visit the site, accessible via the Sketchbook Pro app. It includes tips and tutorials to extend learning.