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This straightforward software-development tool offers resources to teach kids to program in the Lua programming language. Tweens and teens familiar with programming can pick up Lua fairly quickly and start writing their own programs, such as games or other graphics.

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This innovative, user-friendly tool introduces kids to the computer-programming languages JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which can be used to create apps, games, and websites. The interactive exercises organized into lessons are sure to flex kids' problem-solving muscles.

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This product is no longer available

The Hackety Hack downloadable application and corresponding website are a great way for kids to pick up programming basics. They can read about programming languages, test simple examples using the application, and then extend their knowledge by trying to create their own simple programs.

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This product is no longer available

This site's well-organized, easy-to-follow Ruby, Python, and JavaScript programming language courses provide a hands-on learning experience with frequent examples and exercises. Unlike some code-instruction sites, it offers an impressive amount of personalized instruction.

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Kids will enjoy creating stellar websites with drag-and-drop ease, selecting themes, placing photos, and adding text. Weebly's sites depend on creative minds for content, with social networking built into most, so kids also can publish and promote their sites.


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Use Codecademy to learn a programming language yourself so you and your teen can collaborate on a coding project -- building a game for the whole family to play, for example.