Kodable App Poster Image

Kodable's visual instructions and step-by-step levels make it possible for kids to learn programming concepts even before they learn to read. Short challenges engage them and slowly build in difficulty and complexity, keeping kids challenged but not overwhelmed.

Lightbot Jr :  Coding Puzzles for Ages 4+ App Poster Image

In this colorful and engaging intro to programming, kids drag and drop basic commands (move, hop, light, turn) into strings of instructions. A puzzle game with a hint of coding, this title features the same cute, programmable robot as the popular Lightbot - Programming Puzzles app.

Toca Builders App Poster Image

This sandbox-style creation game gives kids a fun, easy-to-manage way to express creativity and use technology. Kids can learn creative thinking, geometry concepts, and non-standard measurements while building the worlds their minds imagine block by block.

Code Karts - Pre-school Programming Preparation App Poster Image

Though this app doesn't include true programming, it's meant to teach little kids pre-coding skills. As they move through each puzzle, they get a sense of how to create a desired outcome.

Circle and triangle

Bright Idea

Check out the parent/teacher portal in Kodable Pro. You'll find helpful learning guides and excellent extension ideas.