Tynker: Coding Games for Kids App Poster Image

In the digital age, programming skills are considered an important aspect of literacy that everyone needs to effectively use and understand technology. These story-based puzzles are fun and reinforce programming concepts, giving kids skills that can transfer to coding.

Cato's Hike: A Programming and Logic Odyssey App Poster Image

This story-based game plays like an old Mario adventure and will draw in reluctant techies. Kids will have fun working through the maze and may not even realize they're programming, but these basics will give them a good foundation in computer-programming literacy.

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As kids create animations, video games, art, and music videos with Scratch's visual block-based form of computer programming, they pick up valuable skills such as problem solving. Collaboration is encouraged, and kids can give helpful comments on one another's projects.

ScreenPlay -- program your story App Poster Image
This product is no longer available

A cute and unique setting carries this coder along and sets it apart. With different scenes and a series of fun puzzles, kids will be motivated to learn some basic programming skills.

Cargo-Bot App Poster Image

In this puzzler designed to teach programming, kids drag and drop directions to get a robotic arm to perform a task. They'll learn the gist of programming concepts such as procedural abstraction and subroutines without having to master the lingo or syntax of code.


Circle and triangle

Bright Idea

Challenge kids to create three different kinds of games using the elements they collect while playing Gamestar Mechanic. If they need help, suggest that they play some of the games shared by others.