Curious About Me App Poster Image

Preschoolers' favorite monkey helps them create movies that let them think and talk about their own lives and experiences. Kids take photos of themselves, their families, friends, and pets; record audio and video to add to their stories; or create their own art.

Disney Animated App Poster Image
This product is no longer available

Featuring a thorough look at the history of Disney animation, from hand drawings to computer generation, this app lets users play with tools similar to those animators use now. Kids will be captivated by the interaction; older fans will like the peek behind the curtain.

Sago Mini Doodlecast App Poster Image

A remarkably easy tool for kids to express themselves as they create and narrate a "movie." They can start by drawing anything they please or use one of the prompts, many of which provide opportunities for reflection or ways to discuss feelings in a non-threatening manner.

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Using customizable characters and settings, kids can create stories. They can move characters around, record, and play back their creations, which fosters storytelling and knowledge of narratives.

Circle and triangle

Bright Idea

Encourage older kids to take their movies one step further and write out a story to go along with their narration and pictures.