Easy Stop Motion studio: Introduction to animation App Poster Image

These lessons empower even young kids who are new to the animation process to create scenes. Kids simply fill in shapes, take a snapshot, fill in more shapes, and take another snapshot until they complete the animated scene. Then they press Play to watch the action.

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine App Poster Image

This girl-empowering GoldieBlox tool teaches kids about stop-motion movies. It shows a few delightful examples and teaches kids step by step how to make their own, adapting projects that have been started for them or starting one from scratch.

TeleStory App Poster Image

This super fun video-creation tool lets kids create and direct their own TV shows, giving them a background scene, face-detecting costumes, and special effects. A kid can be a singing contest star or captain of a spaceship. Cue cards offer writing inspiration, or kids can make up their own scenes.

VidMaker - 3D MovieMaker for Kids App Poster Image

Kids can create videos with robots as the stars and with dialogue and sounds. They can exercise creativity with their own stories and all the customization options.

Zimmer Twins Website Poster Image

This imaginative movie-making site lets kids use words, images, icons, and other animation tools to tell stories and create customized short films. Kids must register to comment on movies, and the site is moderated daily and uses text filters to ensure appropriate content.


Circle and triangle

Bright Idea

After using Green Screen by Do Ink, watch the news together and look for places you think green-screen technology is used (for example, the weather report).