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Free sheet music for more than 25 instruments can help kids learn about song components. Exercises sometimes pair reading with audio, and lessons teach theory and explain musical elements. Chord charts, a guitar tuner, and a metronome also offer instruction.

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Maneuver the Bandit through a booby-trapped maze to capture prized clocks while avoiding numerous time-triggered obstacles in a game that's all about logic and rhythm. Kids will love the wacky plot and groovy-cool music. An ingenious hint feature boosts morale.

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In the fantastical world of the classic film Fantasia, kids conduct a range of musical pieces -- from centuries-old symphonies to modern pop hits -- using their hands. They'll feel like they're actually manipulating and creating music while getting a modest workout.

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In an old-time flea circus, players bounce fleas off musical instruments, using music notation, rhythm, and mechanics to advance through complex puzzles. It's a challenging game based on physics and strategy that quickly increases in difficulty. Imaginative and strategic.

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Kids can learn to put together a catchy tune by experimenting with beats, melodies, and other musical elements. Discovering where a single sound fits in to the whole of a song, kids will gain an understanding of the combinations it takes to make all kinds of music.


Circle and triangle

Bright Idea

Talk to kids about different musical genres. Ask what styles they like best and why. Record an original song together in their favorite style using Garage Band.