Scape App Poster Image

This fun app encourages kids to create unique ambient music by combining elements on a blank palette, helping to build basic music and visual arts composition skills. The more Scape is played, the more elements are unlocked. Scapes can be saved to a gallery and shared.

Lessonface Website Poster Image

It's simple to set up online music lessons in real time with a real person -- some teachers are Juilliard-trained -- for students of all ages and levels. All major instruments are represented, as are the dulcimer, didgeridoo, accordion, and ukulele.

Sound Shapes Game Poster Image

With stunning graphics and unique sound palettes, this downloadable platformer combines gaming and music creation. Players create levels, which double as musical tracks, and unlock new sounds and shapes for their songs by finishing levels -- a very effective way to engage.

Street Music Academy - the rhythm in everything! App Poster Image

Using virtual everyday objects, kids mimic music at three difficulty levels. As they play, they practice rhythm and can unlock a concert at the end.

The Tune Zoo App Poster Image

By moving characters, kids can create their own simple music. Using drag-and-drop mechanics, the app lets kids explore and combine sounds to make their own tunes.


Circle and triangle

Bright Idea

Talk to kids about different musical genres. Ask what styles they like best and why. Record an original song together in their favorite style using Garage Band.