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A creative outlet for teen writers, Figment gets kids thinking about the writing process and what makes a book a good read. Teens post their works-in-progress and get feedback and encouragement along the way from peers; they can also read and comment on others' writing.

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Kids can learn writing techniques and structure and also get a taste of the writing life as they work toward meeting their goal: a complete novel in 30 days. Kids can share ideas and questions in the forums and share excerpts of their novels-in-progress with Writing Buddies.

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From the ability to text a poem to clicking on a "Random Poem of Fate," this site makes poetry feel fresh and new. The focus is empowerment, and teens are encouraged to write about any subject, but hate speech and other inappropriate content is barred. Kids process their emotions and get support through a diverse online community.

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This free resource covers all aspects of writing and could be used by teens as a reference for homework, papers, or any written assignment. The information is clear and accessible, although there aren't any graphics or interactive resources. Suitable for teens who are already serious about improving their writing.

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Kids will find in SMITHTeens a supportive community and fertile environment to exercise their short-form writing skills. The challenge here is for teens to distill their emotions and experiences into six words, which helps them understand the emotional punch of brevity.


Circle and triangle

Bright Idea

Teens who enjoy telling their six-word stories on SMITHTeens may want to start a journal using the SMITHTeens formula: six words to describe a day, feeling, or event.