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What's more exciting to kids than reading stories or publishing their own? Starring in them! Kids can use Kid in Story Book Maker to create stories featuring their own pictures and words.

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Kids get the hang of simple sentence structure by making their own storybooks, filling in the blanks on each page by tapping and dragging labeled images featuring common sight words such as "hat" and "cow." Seven templates include holidays, seasons, school, and more.

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This product is no longer available

Kids don't have to be fans of LEGO Friends to enjoy this multimedia story creator, which is easy enough that even struggling writers can succeed. They can choose from several scenes, characters, and accessories, import their own pictures, or record audio. With a focus on girls.

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This storytelling site sparks kids' imaginations by providing a variety of colorful and vibrant illustrations. Kids can showcase writing skills as they add their own text and create original stories. Collaborative storytelling allows kids to co-create with friends and family.

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Using a nice variety of media, including photos, their own drawings, and voice recordings, kids can create and narrate their own stories. The app teaches early writing skills, and parents can use it for telling stories about events as well as stories for daily living skills.


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Kid in Story Book Maker is designed to help kids with routines and social situations, but you can also use it to make kid-friendly digital scrapbooks, too. But the interface isn't designed for tots, so you'll need to take the lead in putting it all together.