StoryBuilder App Poster Image

In this engaging storytelling app, kids respond orally to questions about an image, and the app records and knits together their answers to create a story. To stretch their imaginations further, kids can record their own tales without verbal prompts as they view the image.

Clicker Docs App Poster Image

This word processor is super helpful for kids who struggle with written expression. It reads text aloud at each punctuation mark and offers alternatives for misspelled words. Kids also can hear a document read back to them, which can help them learn to edit and revise.

TeleStory App Poster Image

This super fun video-creation tool gives kids a background scene, face-detecting costumes, and special effects to create their own TV shows. A kid can be a singing contest star or captain of a spaceship. Cue cards offer writing inspiration, or kids can make up their own scenes.

Write About This App Poster Image

Every aspect of this writing app is designed for kids, from easy-to-navigate icons to visual prompts. Prompts are fiction and nonfiction, with how-to, persuasive, and compare/contrast exercises. Kids can create new prompts with their own images and record their voices.

Elegy for a Dead World Game Poster Image

A trio of empty worlds are the templates in this highly creative storytelling game. Kids move an astronaut from left to right and start writing when an idea hits. They can learn about the structure and pacing of stories and poems and even work through a grammar workshop.


Circle and triangle

Bright Idea

Not every written work has to be perfect and publishable. Praise thoughts and ideas over conventions and correctness. Work together to polish select pieces of writing rather than all.