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Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame App Poster Image

Adorable monster de-stresses kids with Sesame Street style. Kids help the blue monster deal with problems, empowered by choosing how it deals with each situation; strategies will transfer into kids' personal toolboxes for dealing with similar situations.

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Calm Counter Social Story & Anger Management Tool App Poster Image

This excellent app helps kids identify and manage their emotions and helps them calm down quickly by using visual cues, counting backward from 10, and breathing deeply. Designed for kids with autism and similar challenges.

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Choiceworks App Poster Image

A platform for kids who need help with executive functioning to explore topics such as schedules, waiting, and feelings using pictures, checklists, storyboards, and more. Infinitely customizable.

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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Website Poster Image

Activities and videos prime kids for new experiences. The app encourages them to explore and express their emotions and familiarizes them with childhood development experiences such as learning to use the bathroom.

First Then Visual Schedule HD App Poster Image

Excellent scheduling tool with simple, multisensory interface beneficial for kids with developmental or learning disabilities; anxiety or attention issues; or language, hearing, or processing difficulties or for kids learning English as a second language.

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Bright light bulb

Help Your Child at Home

  • Pick a word of the day, starting each day with a different letter. Have your child write the word and look for things in your home that begin with the same letter.
  • Look for word problems in real life. For example, if you use five eggs to make breakfast, close the egg carton and ask your child, "How many eggs are left?"
  • Try using "we" frequently in conversation, helping kids learn family rules and your family’s culture. This can help give kids a sense of security and belonging, and it can help them understand your family's rules and values.