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An audio-heavy pay site that creates animated curriculum-based content aligned to state education standards for elementary schoolers. Includes video, game, quiz, and activity sections for science, health, writing, reading, social studies, and math.

Daisy the Dinosaur App Poster Image

This free coding game is simply cute, with a calm blue sky, yellow sun, green dinosaur, and yellow star. It makes programming easy, offering nine drag-and-drop commands for kids to make Daisy move.

California Academy of Sciences Website Poster Image

A section of the website for the California Academy of Sciences, a museum and research institution in San Francisco. Shows kids what's happening right now; videos and webcams show scientists in action and animals in their native environments.

Every Body Has a Brain Game Poster Image

Fun characters and a collection of exciting and educational songs, animations, and mini-games teach preschoolers about the human brain. All the characters are positive role models.

Mac, Windows
Fizzy's Lunch Lab Website Poster Image

What's for lunch? This satisfying PBS site teaches elementary schoolers about good nutrition, a balanced diet, and physical activity through fun, engaging characters and a variety of games, videos, music, recipes, and activities.


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Help Your Child at Home

  • Pick a word of the day, starting each day with a different letter. Have your child write the word and look for things in your home that begin with the same letter.
  • Look for word problems in real life. For example, if you use five eggs to make breakfast, close the egg carton and ask your child, "How many eggs are left?"
  • Try using "we" frequently in conversation, helping kids learn family rules and your family’s culture. This can help give kids a sense of security and belonging, and it can help them understand your family's rules and values.