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NASA Kids' Club Website Poster Image

Kids may only be captivated for about an hour, but the space-related games, videos, and other activities are well-designed, easy to understand, and -- best of all -- fun.

NRICH Website Poster Image

Kids learn how to think mathematically and are empowered to decide how much problem-solving support they want or need. Geared toward a British audience, with grade-level info given for both the U.S. and U.K.

PBS KIDS Lab Website Poster Image

Learning games for the preschooler set are fun, fun, fun. This site is a debut point for the Lab's newest games as well as a peek into their research and at other behind-the-scenes information.

ExploreLearning Reflex Website Poster Image

Friendly guides and fun games help kids build math fluency. Games teach addition and subtraction for numbers 0 to 10 and multiplication and division for 0 to 12.

Sumdog Website Poster Image

Kids practice math skills while playing fun, math-related games against friends, classmates, or other students from around the world. Each kid has a completely customized set of games, which adapt for a continual challenge.


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Help Your Child at Home

  • Pick a word of the day, starting each day with a different letter. Have your child write the word and look for things in your home that begin with the same letter.
  • Look for word problems in real life. For example, if you use five eggs to make breakfast, close the egg carton and ask your child, "How many eggs are left?"
  • Try using "we" frequently in conversation, helping kids learn family rules and your family’s culture. This can help give kids a sense of security and belonging, and it can help them understand your family's rules and values.