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2nd Grade Math Planet – Fun Math Game Curriculum App Poster Image

Engaging mini-activities build math fluency by covering a range of skills. Kids can test speed and accuracy by completing drills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

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Arcademics Website Poster Image

Play lively math, vocabulary, and geography games for free on this helpful site for first through fifth graders. Many games feature shooting and kid-friendly characters such as elephants and aliens.

BrainPOP Jr. Website Poster Image

An audio-heavy pay site for the youngest grades that creates animated curriculum-based content aligned to state education standards. Includes video, game, quiz, and activity sections for science, health, writing, reading, social studies, and math.

Cyberchase Website Poster Image

Site based on popular PBS math cartoon is online learning at its best. For younger elementary schoolers new to reading, some elements may be too challenging, but others can be played with a simple knowledge of basic numbers and good listening skills.

Dexteria Dots - Get in Touch with Math App Poster Image

A hand- and finger-exercise app for very young kids or for kids with special needs. The three modes -- Write It, Tap It, and Pinch It -- are exercises, not games. Mostly for therapy and practice.

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Help Your Child at Home

  • Have your child practice writing through a real-world task, such as writing a thank-you note for a gift or writing a letter to family members or friends.
  • When saving money for a new purchase, have your child compare how much you have already with the total cost of the item. How much more money do you need?
  • Try something new with your child, such as a game or sport. Show him or her the importance of perseverance by offering praise for effort, not outcome.