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An audio-heavy pay site for the youngest grades that creates animated curriculum-based content aligned to state education standards. Includes video, game, quiz, and activity sections for science, health, writing, reading, social studies, and math.

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With this self-publishing tool, kids can read, create, and share their own books online. Some books on the site are educational, written by adults to help kids learn in their own ways; others, written and illustrated by kids of all ages, are just fun to read.

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This product is no longer available

Companion site to the TV show is a stimulating place for kids to learn reading skills such as letter sounds, spelling, and grammar. Guided by the friendly faces from the TV show.

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This history-centric site is designed to be used in classrooms or at home as a way for kids to learn about the first Thanksgiving and the customs and issues from that time period.

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Fun homework helper supplements classwork in language and math, from counting to multiplication and statistics, in games, worksheets, lesson plans, and videos. An e-newsletter suggests activity ideas and learning tips.


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Help Your Child at Home

  • Have your child practice writing through a real-world task, such as writing a thank-you note for a gift or writing a letter to family members or friends.
  • When saving money for a new purchase, have your child compare how much you have already with the total cost of the item. How much more money do you need?
  • Try something new with your child, such as a game or sport. Show him or her the importance of perseverance by offering praise for effort, not outcome.