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Parts of speech come to life with fun songs and characters. Includes original songs, videos, books, and quizzes on the eight parts of speech, all aimed at making grammar fun for kids.

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Fun word game helps reinforce parts of speech. Focuses on the basic parts of speech, not building higher-level grammar skills.

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This product is no longer available

Warm, optimistic news source delivers current event updates. A nice intro to keeping on top of world news; though the site doesn't sugarcoat real stories, it does offer gently positive viewpoints and answers questions alarmed kids may have.

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Math drills and practice can only be so fun, but IXL makes a good effort through rewards, immediate feedback, and visually appealing tasks. Activities for kids pre-K and up, and you must be a member for unlimited access.

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A learning tool designed to help kids build communication skills with audio and visual prompts. Kids see a photograph and make a sentence about it. Then they tap a button to record the sentence and can play it back and save it.



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Help Your Child at Home

  • Have your child practice writing through a real-world task, such as writing a thank-you note for a gift or writing a letter to family members or friends.
  • When saving money for a new purchase, have your child compare how much you have already with the total cost of the item. How much more money do you need?
  • Try something new with your child, such as a game or sport. Show him or her the importance of perseverance by offering praise for effort, not outcome.