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A teacher's dream. This companion app for the website lets teachers and parents create customized word lists to help kids improve spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. A lot of flexibility makes it helpful for kids who need alternative ways to learn how to spell.

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This free learn-to-read site is arranged in four main sections; your child chooses one based on where he or she is on the journey from reading readiness to independent reader.

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Great reading activities fit a range of skill levels. The app has the same content as the "Learn to Read" section of the stellar companion website. Fifteen mini-books each focus on a specific vowel and come with videos and activities.

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Exceptionally helpful site for parents and teachers who are looking for book suggestions, reading activities, and practical tips for teaching kids to read. Books are categorized by theme, so you can choose subjects you know interest your kid.

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Create beautiful books to share online and in print with a site that sparks imagination by providing a variety of colorful and vibrant Illustrations. First, choose which photos you want to include; then incorporate your very own dialogue.


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Help Your Child at Home

  • Have your child practice writing through a real-world task, such as writing a thank-you note for a gift or writing a letter to family members or friends.
  • When saving money for a new purchase, have your child compare how much you have already with the total cost of the item. How much more money do you need?
  • Try something new with your child, such as a game or sport. Show him or her the importance of perseverance by offering praise for effort, not outcome.