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Play lively math, vocabulary, and geography games for free on this helpful site for first through fifth graders. Many games feature shooting and kid-friendly characters such as elephants and aliens.

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Site based on popular PBS math cartoon is online learning at its best. For younger elementary schoolers new to reading, some elements may be too challenging, but others can be played with a simple knowledge of basic numbers and good listening skills.

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A hand- and finger-exercise app for very young kids or for kids with special needs. The three modes -- Write It, Tap It, and Pinch It -- are exercises, not games. Mostly for therapy and practice.

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Math practice focuses on kids' skill levels, then adapts. They'll play a variety of games to practice multiplication, division, integer operations, combining like terms, and solving equations and have fun personalizing their own alien avatar named Digi.

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In this exciting geometry game with more than 100 challenging puzzles, kids learn the fundamental, as well as the more advanced, concepts related to shapes and geometric proofs.

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Help Your Child at Home

  • Create a family vocabulary blog: Use social media such as Pinterest or a collaboration app such as Evernote to save interesting words your family finds and discuss them together.
  • Take note of real-life chances to discuss times tables; if your family eats three meals a day, how many meals do you eat in a week?
  • Develop a politeness policy, including behavioral expectations for your child and other family members. Make it clear that taking turns, listening, and saying "please" all are important at home and at school.