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First Then Visual Schedule HD App Poster Image

Excellent scheduling tool with simple, multisensory interface beneficial for kids with developmental or learning disabilities; anxiety or attention issues; or language, hearing, or processing difficulties or for kids learning English as a second language.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Fun With Directions HD App Poster Image

Great way to practice listening, following directions, and reviewing basic concept skills such as bottom, color, close, give, middle, and open. Can benefit kids who may be struggling with receptive language and speech issues.

My Video Schedule App Poster Image
This product is no longer available

A scheduling app especially for kids with special needs, such as autism. Includes photo and video modeling as well as rewards for activities and behaviors, such as brushing teeth, eating breakfast, getting on a school bus, and going to the grocery store.

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Text 2 Mind Map Website Poster Image

Simple tool helps kids chart relationships among ideas. They can map concepts to understand the connections; it won't work for every assignment but can be a good study aid for visual learners.

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Extraordinarily easy-to-use, customizable timer app to help kids with productivity, efficiency, and focus. Select a mode, then type in a name for the timer's purpose and set the settings, and the timer is ready to go. Up to four timers can be saved at once.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android


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Help Your Child at Home

  • Create a family vocabulary blog: Use social media such as Pinterest or a collaboration app such as Evernote to save interesting words your family finds and discuss them together.
  • Take note of real-life chances to discuss times tables; if your family eats three meals a day, how many meals do you eat in a week?
  • Develop a politeness policy, including behavioral expectations for your child and other family members. Make it clear that taking turns, listening, and saying "please" all are important at home and at school.