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3rd Grade Splash Math Game App Poster Image

A cheerful, comprehensive tool that helps kids practice and strengthen a wide range of math skills. They complete worksheets that cover skills such as number sense, measurement, place value, fractions, and more, and in the play mode they take quizzes.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Brain Jump Pro - Brain training and education for kids with Ned the Neuron App Poster Image
This product is no longer available

Fun brain games also teach the neuroscience behind them. Memory games challenge kids' brains, and short video lessons explain how brains work.

Android, Kindle Fire
Clicker Docs App Poster Image

Word processor offers extra support for kids who struggle with written expression. Reads text aloud at each punctuation mark; offers choices for misspelled words or from word banks; and has word prediction.

Crayon Physics Deluxe Game Poster Image

Physics? Child's play! Watch your drawings gain weight and mass, creating puzzles that teach the principles of physics.

Linux, Mac, Windows
DreamBox Learning Math Website Poster Image

Online math game adjusts in difficulty as you play. The game-like atmosphere is enticing and engaging; it's visually appealing and fun to play.


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Help Your Child at Home

  • Create a family vocabulary blog: Use social media such as Pinterest or a collaboration app such as Evernote to save interesting words your family finds and discuss them together.
  • Take note of real-life chances to discuss times tables; if your family eats three meals a day, how many meals do you eat in a week?
  • Develop a politeness policy, including behavioral expectations for your child and other family members. Make it clear that taking turns, listening, and saying "please" all are important at home and at school.