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Clever and challenging addition and multiplication practice. Kids feed the monster numbered plates of sushi, creating a number sentence to arrive at the monster's requested number.

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Create your own flash cards with personally selected pictures and details. Includes categories (vocabulary words, places, and fiction or nonfiction reading) and guided questions to help kids, parents, and teachers focus on what's most important to study.

iPad, Android


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Help Your Child at Home

  • Create a family vocabulary blog: Use social media such as Pinterest or a collaboration app such as Evernote to save interesting words your family finds and discuss them together.
  • Take note of real-life chances to discuss times tables; if your family eats three meals a day, how many meals do you eat in a week?
  • Develop a politeness policy, including behavioral expectations for your child and other family members. Make it clear that taking turns, listening, and saying "please" all are important at home and at school.