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America's Story from America's Library Website Poster Image

Quirky stories bring history to life on this colorful, engaging website that offers a peek into American history using text, video, and photographs to illustrate the past.

Arcademics Website Poster Image

Play lively math, vocabulary, and geography games for free on this helpful site. Many games feature shooting and kid-friendly characters such as elephants and aliens.

Biblionasium Website Poster Image

A safe social-networking site where kids can log, review, and share favorite books. It's COPPA-compliant and helps kids learn how to talk about books and form opinions as they share thoughts with friends.

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper Website Poster Image

Vast library of educational links, covering almost every topic that comes to mind, a boon for kids doing online research. Each category (for example, "English") is broken into subcategories (grammar, mythology, poetry, literature, and authors).

Book Creator Website Poster Image

Simple app lets kids craft their own ebooks to read or share. Users pick images, place text, and choose background colors.


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Help Your Child at Home

  • Create a family vocabulary blog: Use social media such as Pinterest or a collaboration app such as Evernote to save interesting words your family finds and discuss them together.
  • Take note of real-life chances to discuss times tables; if your family eats three meals a day, how many meals do you eat in a week?
  • Develop a politeness policy, including behavioral expectations for your child and other family members. Make it clear that taking turns, listening, and saying "please" all are important at home and at school.