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Gamestar Mechanic Game Poster Image

This Web-based adventure video game has its own online community that, through an epic adventure-based plot, teaches kids the fundamentals of game design.

Mac, Windows
IXL Website Poster Image

Math drills and practice can only be so fun, but IXL makes a good effort through rewards, immediate feedback, and visually appealing tasks. Activities for kids pre-K and up, and you must be a member for unlimited access.

Khan Academy Website Poster Image

Free website with thousands of educational videos and an almost unlimited number of practice exercises. Most math videos focus on procedure rather than conceptual depth. Aimed at self-paced instruction.

The Land of Venn - Geometric Defense App Poster Image

Insanely fun, weird world seamlessly integrates geometry. Kids use principles of geometry to defeat an evil wizard and his monsters.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Cooking Recipes on the Road Game Poster Image

Kids cook up fun foods and plenty of math skills in this virtual cooking game that incorporates a lot of kitchen knowledge and safety as well as fractions, decimals, estimation, and temperature.

LeapFrog games


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Help Your Child at Home

  • As school gets harder, help your child get into a homework routine. Set aside time each day, in the same place, at the same time, for kids to do homework and to start developing organizational skills.
  • Talk about age-appropriate news. Encourage your child to point out main and supporting ideas in a news story, and encourage him or her to come up with synonyms and antonyms for key words.
  • Cook with your child to help him or her develop an understanding of fractions. Experiment with volume: Show that one third is more than one quarter but less than one half.