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A teacher's dream. This companion app for the website lets teachers and parents create customized word lists to help kids improve spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. A lot of flexibility makes it helpful for kids who need alternative ways to learn how to spell.

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Exceptionally helpful site for parents and teachers who are looking for book suggestions, reading activities, and practical tips for teaching kids to read. Books are categorized by theme, so you can choose subjects you know interest your kid.

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Create beautiful books to share online and in print with a site that sparks imagination by providing a variety of colorful and vibrant Illustrations. First, choose which photos you want to include; then incorporate your very own dialogue.

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Sweet site lets kids write and illustrate original stories. Would make a fun after-school activity, as it's almost game-like, and kids can get into creating virtual environments featuring the characters they've brought to life.

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Kid-friendly video lessons on an incredible variety of topics offer a lot of depth although they're short. The site does a great job of explaining sometimes complex content, with high-quality production and quirky animations.


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Help Your Child at Home

  • Discuss your family's history and stories. Brainstorm ways to use technology to capture the story effectively, and help your child create a presentation, song, poem, or essay that expresses the story's tone and main ideas.
  • Do simple math to accomplish a task: If you're building a box, how much wood will you need for the sides? Measure the length, width, and height of the box. How would you figure out the volume of water it would hold?
  • Start to talk with your child about bullying, including cyberbullying. Even though social media may be years away, plant the seeds now for helping kids understand appropriate interactions, and let kids know they can talk to you about it.