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WolfQuest Game Poster Image

In this free online simulation, kids take on the role of a wolf in search of a mate. Players chase and kill gazelles and hares for meals; may need to fend off and kill coyotes and bears; and eventually need to feed and protect their pups.

Mac, Windows
Wondermind Website Poster Image

Aims to teach kids how the brain works through a series of puzzle-style games and accompanying educational videos that draw on examples from Alice in Wonderland.

World of Goo Game Poster Image

The mobile version of a physics puzzler that has been available for PCs, Macs, and the Wii for years. The artistic imagery, although not particularly violent, is vivid and odd. Will get kids thinking about basic construction concepts.

Mac, Nintendo Wii, Windows
Zoo Tycoon Game Poster Image

Fantastic animal and business simulation. Kids will spend their time designing enclosures for animals, learning about their needs, and even interacting with them.

Xbox 360, Xbox One


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Help Your Child at Home

  • Discuss your family's history and stories. Brainstorm ways to use technology to capture the story effectively, and help your child create a presentation, song, poem, or essay that expresses the story's tone and main ideas.
  • Do simple math to accomplish a task: If you're building a box, how much wood will you need for the sides? Measure the length, width, and height of the box. How would you figure out the volume of water it would hold?
  • Start to talk with your child about bullying, including cyberbullying. Even though social media may be years away, plant the seeds now for helping kids understand appropriate interactions, and let kids know they can talk to you about it.