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Algodoo Game Poster Image

2-D physics sandbox fosters awesome inventions. Older kids can create and manipulate a variety of objects and mechanisms and change their properties using contextual menus.

Mac, Windows
Auditorium: The Online Experience Game Poster Image

Intriguing indie game combines music with puzzle solving. The combination of striking visuals and swelling sound creates a magical environment for kids that encourages trial and error.

Mac, Windows
Botanicula Game Poster Image

The ecosystem of a tree serves as the background for this highly imaginative world in which clicking reveals wondrous surprises.

Mac, Windows
BrainPOP Website Poster Image

A pay site with content aligned to state education standards. Includes videos, games, quizzes, and activities on school subjects as well as lessons on terrorism, war, reproduction, and alcoholism, all handled sensitively.

Cargo-Bot App Poster Image

Challenging puzzler teaches kids to think like programmers. The concept is simple: Direct a robotic arm to move crates to a designated spot.



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Help Your Child at Home

  • Discuss your family's history and stories. Brainstorm ways to use technology to capture the story effectively, and help your child create a presentation, song, poem, or essay that expresses the story's tone and main ideas.
  • Do simple math to accomplish a task: If you're building a box, how much wood will you need for the sides? Measure the length, width, and height of the box. How would you figure out the volume of water it would hold?
  • Start to talk with your child about bullying, including cyberbullying. Even though social media may be years away, plant the seeds now for helping kids understand appropriate interactions, and let kids know they can talk to you about it.