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Using this tool for practice helps kids who are on the autism spectrum rehearse, learn from mistakes, and ultimately have successful, multi-step conversations within the format of more than 100 included scripts and more that parents or therapists can customize.

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Fans can fight real-world evil with social-activism site. As they talk Potter, the HPA nudges them toward the real world, where many people face Voldemort-esque threats every day. Social skills learned here can translate to future confidence.

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An unstructured experience of beauty, originality, and emotion that's as powerful as a well-written poem. The value stems from the player's ability to find personal meaning in what he or she experiences.

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Make Beliefs Comix Website Poster Image

Nifty comic-creation tool offers positive, upbeat messages. Kids can create their own comics using a charming cast of predrawn characters. Features a few religious references.

Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are App Poster Image

Graphic e-novel teaches kids to feel good about themselves. Book app is about a group of friends who help bolster one another's self-esteem in the face of teasing, bullying, or mere self-doubt; they always know what to say to turn things around and give perspective.

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Help Your Child at Home

  • Discuss your family's history and stories. Brainstorm ways to use technology to capture the story effectively, and help your child create a presentation, song, poem, or essay that expresses the story's tone and main ideas.
  • Do simple math to accomplish a task: If you're building a box, how much wood will you need for the sides? Measure the length, width, and height of the box. How would you figure out the volume of water it would hold?
  • Start to talk with your child about bullying, including cyberbullying. Even though social media may be years away, plant the seeds now for helping kids understand appropriate interactions, and let kids know they can talk to you about it.