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Using very specific exercises, games, and stories that focus on one of 22 English language sounds, this app can improve pronunciation and understanding of how letter sounds form words. In-app purchases needed.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
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This product is no longer available

Charming site tracks kids' progress in learning games. A cast of adorable, friendly characters introduces activities that cover areas such as creative expression, literacy, foreign language, math, social science, and scientific thinking.

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Activities and videos prime kids for new experiences. The app encourages them to explore and express their emotions and familiarizes them with childhood development experiences such as learning to use the bathroom.

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Online math game adjusts in difficulty as you play. The game-like atmosphere is enticing and engaging; it's visually appealing and fun to play.

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This product is no longer available

Fun, simple games help kids learn to notice differences in similar objects and to focus on details, which may be especially challenging for kids with autism spectrum disorder.



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Help Your Child at Home

  • Read with your child every day. Ask your child to explain his or her favorite parts of a story, and share your own. For a list of great books, check out the Essential Books list.
  • Ask your child questions that require comparing numbers, such as, "Who has more cookies, you or your brother?"
  • Model the kinds of social interactions you want your child to learn: Be polite (for example, say "please" and "thank you"), introduce yourself and your child when you enter a new place (such as a daycare or school), and talk about what it means to be a good friend.