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This site is easy enough for even the youngest computer users to play games and do activities that will help them begin the journey into reading and other kindergarten skills. Free to all public schools in the U.S. and Canada.

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The app reinforces letters with fun, creative, and clever activities, such as assembling a building for the letter B or cutting strings for the letter C. Letters are sounded out, and the app is easy for kids to navigate.

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Clever, hands-on method for learning how to spell. Kids physically manipulate letters on-screen and hear the sound of each letter as they touch it and drag it into position to form words.

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Adorable and adaptable alliterative alphabet app. Continues the adventures of the sibling team Beck and Bo as they explore and discover letters.

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By adding objects to a beautiful scene, kids explore both logic and creativity in fun, interactive settings. Imagination and language skills were obviously a priority for the developer; kids learn logic, cause and effect, and even new words.

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Help Your Child at Home

  • Read with your child every day. Ask your child to explain his or her favorite parts of a story, and share your own. For a list of great books, check out the Essential Books list.
  • Ask your child questions that require comparing numbers, such as, "Who has more cookies, you or your brother?"
  • Model the kinds of social interactions you want your child to learn: Be polite (for example, say "please" and "thank you"), introduce yourself and your child when you enter a new place (such as a daycare or school), and talk about what it means to be a good friend.