Cheers TV Poster Image

Set in a Boston bar, this sitcom is chock-full of sexual innuendo and sarcastic put-downs. All characters, though women a bit more frequently, are on the receiving end of biting insults. Well-drawn characters and funny writing made it a huge hit.

Fawlty Towers TV Poster Image

Basil Fawlty is a miserly English hotel proprietor yearning to up his social standing and attract more elite clients. Eccentric characters, exaggerated scenarios, Basil's inordinate rudeness, and one calamity after another make for very funny TV.

Futurama TV Poster Image

Philip Fry is a 20th-century pizza boy who wakes up in the year 3001. The Jetsons meets The Simpsons in this witty cartoon with unique plot lines, where even the background details offer laughs. Anything and everything can happen, so not for young kids.

The Golden Girls TV Poster Image

This funny, sexually charged series shows viewers that life after 50 is rich, fulfilling, and fun -- especially when you have good friends to share it with. Topics include dating, adultery, abortion, and AIDS; offers a positive look at women and seniors.

King of the Hill TV Poster Image

In this lower-middle-class Texas community, men drink beer, gossip, and watch TV. The humor satirizes, and it's sometimes difficult to tell whether the moralistic views are real "American values" or a parody. Wickedly funny at times, although not for all tastes.


Common Sense Tips

  • Find a series the whole family can enjoy and consider a "binge-watching" session on a weekend night.
  • Teens watch TV clips on social media and YouTube. Ask what they're watching and talk about the subjects.