Firefly TV Poster Image

A sci-fi show unlike any other. Humans have "used up" Earth and ventured out to new planets. Follows the crew of the spaceship Serenity, a lovable rogues' gallery. With distinctive vision, sharply written characters, and entertaining dialogue.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Poster Image

A prime-time follow-up to the movie The Avengers; difficult to jump in without having seen the film, but it's an entirely new story based on new characters and a thrilling ride with rapid-fire, often comical dialogue and huge action sequences.

The X-Files TV Poster Image

A pair of FBI agents investigates cases that involve the paranormal. Dark, often-scary episodes creepy and intriguing; show revolves around a mythology of government conspiracies and cover-ups related to extraterrestrials. Rich character development.

Heroes TV Poster Image

Life suddenly changes for a far-flung group of people from all over the world when they begin developing superpowers. Their stories merge into one gripping plot line; episodes end on cliffhangers. Significant graphic violence will give kids nightmares.

Lost TV Poster Image

A plane crashes on a deserted island; each episode adds to the mystery surrounding the survivors. They're slowly introduced via flashbacks, and viewers learn their fate was no accident and there are connections among them. Enthralling and original.


Common Sense Tips

  • Talk to your teen about commercials, and help them see how ads target their age group.
  • Use characters and subjects from TV to explore real-life issues.